Product pricing

GDS2 Diag


  • Up to 1hr GDS2 session 
  • Error code reading and clearing.
  • This includes Auto-levelling Headlamp re-calibration

SPS proG


  • Up to 2hr session
  • SPS programming
  • To program car modules with updated software.



  • Full LED conversion
  • All buttons and switches converted to a colour of choice Lifetime warranty
  • In person or via postal service.



  • Navi 650/950 de-pair & programmed to fit your car 
  • With DAB+ BT & Rear cam enabled
  • In person or via postal service
    The radio box is not supplied

Navi prog


  • CD500, DVD 800 & Navi600/900
    programming only
  • This can be used for adding DAB, DAB+ & / or rear camera (R/C only on 600/900)
  • In person or via postal service.
    Radio box not supplied

NaVI fitting


  • CD500, DVD800, Navi6/900, Navi6/950
    fitting & programming
  • Extra wiring needed & programmed to your car
  • In person only
    No parts supplied

Rear cam


  • Rear camera retrofit
  • for the following Navi models
    Navi 600/900 &
    Navi 650/950
  • OEM Camera & custom made loom (to factory spec). Supplied fitted & programmed.



  • CD400/400+ programmed to your car
  • Can enable DAB/DAB+ BT & USB at same time
  • In person or via postal service.
    Radio box not supplied

Heated seats


  • Heated seat with lumber retrofit
  • This is for fitting & wiring the heated leather seats.
  • Leather seats are not included.

Elec Windows


  • Rear electric window Retrofit
  • Fitted and programmed
  • No parts are included.
    This is a VCI request and therefore means 2 visits or car to be left

IPC Menus


  • Turn on hidden options in the IPC.
  • MPG, Battery voltage etc
  • In person
    Depending on IPC installed depends on what can be turned on

Powerfold Mirrors


  • Power fold mirror's retrofit
  • To fit and add wiring needed for power fold mirrors to work.
  • Mirrors are not included

BCM Milage


  • BCM mileage correction
  • To correct the mileage on the BCM if you've had an issue with the BCM where it's lost the mileage.
  • Postal service
    BCM is not supplied
    This is not a clocking service and MOT history will be checked to confirm the mileage your asking to be entered 

BCM Clone


  • BCM Cloning
  • Failed BCM in most cases can still be cloned onto a new BCM meaning you lose no data such as mileage keys etc.
  • No parts Inc. I need your old BCM along with new BCM
    Part numbers must match

Autofold Mirrors


  • Autofold mirrors module supplied & fitted
  • Works with power folding mirrors only
    Astra-J/GTC & K
  • If powerfold mirrors need to be retrofitted there is an extra cost for this.

Custom programming


  • Custom programming of modules is possible which makes retrofits which require a VCI cheaper as we can do it without a VCI code.
  • new products
  • If this serviced is used only we can carry out any further programming on the vehicle

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  • new products
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