Frequently asked questions

VXOCElectrabizz offer's OEM (Factory fitted) items to Vauxhall cars, mainly the Vauxhall Astra J/GTC, VXR (MK6).

There isn't a "Yes" or "No" answer to this, some retrofits will not be possible on your car without fitting or retrofitting other items, some retrofits require a VCI code, which has to go through GM. - And they have the final say.

Yes, I provide a 12 month warranty on my workmanship. Parts are often used parts, so I can only offer the warranty that the seller offers if they do at all. Of course, if parts are sourced new, then they will carry the manufactures warranty with them.

Yes, the vehicle can be taken to any Vauxhall dealer for any software updates that are needed, unless stated at the time of quotation.
There are some retrofits which will mean only I can carry out updates.

Retrofits can be carried out at a time & day to suit us both. I normally ask you to arrive for 9am although this can be changed to suit.

At the moment, I only travel locally to carry out retrofits, although I am looking into becoming more mobile, but there will be a charge per mile after the first 10 miles.

Yes, we have a small Co-operative store & Tesco Express a 3-5 minute walk away. We are also a 25-30 minutes walk away from Bournemouth Beach & a 30-35 minutes walk away from Bournemouth Town Centre. We are about a 10-15 minute walk from Boscombe.
There are a few takeaways and restaurants also B&Bs & hotels if you wanted to make a weekend out of it.

I use a genuine GM MDI and genuine dealer software, I have full access to the same software that Main Vauxhall dealerships do & I also have the advanced software access, which allows me to program things such the BCM (Body control module) ECU (Engine control module) etc.

We make every effort to keep your car safe & we do have a secure parking location for one vehicle. This is used if your car is being left overnight, although not always available in summer

We have a double garage where work is carried out, although access to it is tight.

Yes, on the strict understanding that I take no responsibility if the part doesn't work or fails, and that my labour costs are paid.

No, I don't add any mark up onto the price of parts. The only thing we do is take payment for parts upfront.